Jeena Sikha Do Hamain By Geo TV - PhotoShoot

Jeena Sikha Do Hamain - Baray Gharon Main Kam Karne Wali Maasiyoun Ke Baray Khuwab....

It’s a soap revolving around 6 maid servants (Masi) and their characters which most people experience daily in their lives. The soap has six main characters on which the entire soap is based i.e. maid servants (masi). Most of the Masis are characterized in a negative way for e.g. one is a thief, one will start to like her own employer and so on. The character have been made keeping all sorts of different possible characters of maid servants in mind both positive and negative. This will highlight different shades and characters of maid servants which people (mostly women) experience in their daily life.

Cast: Javeria Saud,Sana Fakhar,Khushboo Arbaz,Suzain Fatima,Moona Shah,Farah Zaiba,Samia Naz, Saud Qasmi,Shehzad Raza,Naeema Garaj,Fakhar Jaffery and others.

Executive Producer: Javeria & Saud
Writer: Zoha Hasan
Director: Kashif Jaffery
Fresh Airing: Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm
Repeat Airing: Tuesday to Friday at 3:30 am and 3:00 pm
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